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What It Takes To Be A Doctor

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The human body is such an advanced machine that there is a science dedicated to its structure and maintenance, medicine. There are so many things that can go wrong with us and so many parts of us that there are several branches of this science ranging from cardiology (study of the heart) to urology (study of the urinary system) to oncology (study of cancer). From a very young age, I have wanted to enter this field of study; my entire life to this point has been dedicated to reaching my goal. Through my personal experiences with cancer and observations of people around me getting sick and even passing away, my passion for medicine, and science in general, has been solidified. However, as I ...view middle of the document...

She is able to complete all of her cases before two o’clock every single day. Over time, Dr. Borjeson has, like many other doctors, developed a system to manage time that best fits her. At work, Dr. Borjeson expects everything to be amply prepared for her. All she needs to do once she arrives is do the operation and move on to the next case.
There is more to time management, however, than being at work. Physicians and surgeons must also find a healthy balance between work and family. Dr. Carla Jadim has claimed that since the beginning of her career, a diminutive line between work and family has not existed. What she means is that as a parent and physician, she feels as though this two-for-one deal, if you will, helps her to care for her family even better. On a time basis though, this idea can be complicated. There is an ever present scale in the life of a physician, one that weighs the health of others and the well being of the family. There is so much confusion and lack of order in this subject that doctors have some of the highest divorce rates than that of many other careers. This is due mainly to the doctors’ inability to spend time with the family. Upon taking the Hippocratic Oath, it is believed that one’s life belongs solely to medicine, however, you must be willing, at all times, to place your family first. My mentor was very good at this family and work balance which, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, was learned over time.
To find personal time, one is setting aside a safe haven from the difficulties of the day. The work of a physician or surgeon is demanding and can take a harsh toll on any person emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Now, this subject is commonly confused with family time and it very much could be included, however, by personals time, I am referring to some time to be without distraction and decompress from the day. I find my current personal time in rest and time with God. Some mornings I will set aside time to read my Bible and speak with my maker. Now for those who don’t believe in God, and many in the medical field don’t, this personal time could simply be reading a book or watching television. Dr. Alan Rosenstein once wrote in an article that stress on physicians can be so great at times that it can cause depression, substance abuse, and in incredibly severe cases, suicidal ideation. Which brings me back to the divine stress-reliever, God. Physicians without belief are those vulnerable to these effects of stress. Thus establishing the importance of setting aside time at least once a week to decompress and set aside your worries even if just for an hour.
In any profession in the medical field, social skills hold a significant amount of weight. Those who work in the medical field refer to these skills as “bedside manner”. Whether it’s a patient getting ready to enter sugary or a child who needs to have their blood drawn, your attitude is vital. Also, this bedside manner stretches past...

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