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What It Takes To Be An Effective Leader

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A leader can be understood as someone that other people follow. He should have a high degree of influence on others and the ability to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. Leadership skills involve: traits, behavior, vision, values, charisma, and intelligence. Leadership includes many steps such as: having a clear vision and being able to share it effectively with the followers. Also, providing the tools and information needed to achieve that vision. As a founder of a leadership firm named Bob Mason said:” Leadership is simply causing other people to do what the leaders want. Good leadership, whether formal or informal, is helping other people rise to their full potential while accomplishing the mission and goals of the organization. All members of an organization, who are responsible for the work of others, have the potential to be good leaders if properly developed.”
Throughout history, many leaders left a great impact in their community. They could have differed in their strategies, but the common thing between them is that they made success in this world in their leadership position. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln are some examples of these people. Martin Luther King fought for the freedom of the Negro community and for the equality between them and the While people in America. He was a leader in the civil Rights Movement during the 1950s and 1960s. There was some keys of success in King’s personality, as Eric Lincoln states: “King can be described as a “conservative militant.” In this combination of militancy with conservatism and caution, of righteousness with respectability, lies the secret of King’s enormous success.” (146). King knew how to persuade his followers. For example, he repeated some important key phrases in his speech. Eric J.Sundquist affirms in his book “King’s Dream”: “King’s hope that “my four little children will one day live in nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”-in support of an ideal of colorblind justice, and conservatives, no less than liberals, have presumed to know where King would stand on hot-button issues such as affirmative action, reparations for slavery, and school vouchers.” (5).
One of the greatest U.S. presidents is Abraham Lincoln. He was the sixteenth president of the United States. He knew the good strategy to lead his country. His goal was to recreate the union in his nation. Also, he was an emancipator of the slaves.
In a biography of Abraham Lincoln, it is mentioned that: “The Union Army's first year and a half of battlefield defeats made it especially difficult to keep morale up and support strong for a reunification the nation. With the hopeful, but by no means conclusive Union victory at Antietam on September 22, 1862, Abraham felt confident enough to reshape the cause of the war from "union" to abolishing slavery. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, which stated that all...

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