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What It Is Like To Watch Netflix For 7 Hours

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Netflix is a very convienient program used to watch movies and tv shows with an easy pay of eight dollars per month. With hundreds of unlimited entertainment options to choose from, it is not uncommon to become indefinately sucked into the habit of watching 10 episodes of "the Office" before going to bed. However, there are times in which there will be major school assignments due the next morning, or maybe the house needs to be cleaned for expected company. During these times, procrastination is commonly being resorted to, even if there are only a few minutes to be spared. Netflix users generally spend those few spared minutes watching movies. Suddenly, seven hours whiz by and the clock says it is two A.M. Though, what is it like during those seven hours?
At first, the brain is stressing out over all that needs to be accomplished. The trash may need to be disposed of, last week's laundry may need to be given a wash, but a quick glance of the clock will say, "Hey, you've got until (specific time) for these responsibilities to be done, why not relax for 30 minutes or so?"
Now, all responsibilities are temporarily tucked away and using the small amount of free time given, is a main priority. This free time will be used watching one episode of a favorite tv series. The brain decided to only watch one, because that is what would be labled as a responsible and smart decision considering that there is a time limit for relaxing.
After one episode is watched, the facial expression on one's face will display shock, due to the unexpected plot twist in the last 30 seconds of the one specific episode. Thoughts will be running through the head, such as, "Who was that? Why did that happen? How did they do that?" The temptation to see answers in the next chapter of this tv series, is heavy. Another glance at the clock is given. Now is the time to begin these responsibilities that have been temporarily tucked away, although, a resolution to this twist lies within another click.
As a solution to the dilemma of as to whether or not start important and stressful priorities, or continue watching Netflix, one's mind decides to watch another episode, while doing one's...

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