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What Kids Should So When Their Bored And Stay Active

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People do all kinds of thing when they are bored. You can play basketball with your friends play 21 and beat them and Play soccer and score a couple goals on them you could even play 4 square and beat them at that. Some people even eat when your bored but that’s not good you need to stay active don’t eat when your bored. Cause you will get very unhealthy and make your heart in a bad shape you won’t be able to do fun stuff like run around with you friends or play tag with them at the park. All kinds of people do different things when there bored just make sure to do healthy stuff.
Some people play video games with there friends to past time that’s good just don’t eat and play a ...view middle of the document...

If your parents want to go to the beach spend a week down their go on a road trip that’s always fun to do. My favorite thing to do is play soccer and video games with my friends I have a blast when I do that you guys should try it. Than I go outside and help with house work that passes time quickly and it’s not that bad cause your with family.
There is a lot more to do just put your shoes on and run go for a walk. If you got guns and aloud to shoot them go outside and shoot something like a bag or a target or a pop can. I do that sometimes shooting guns is really fun and it past time and if you got an older sister that lives far away or any family that lives far away go visit them and have some fun if its winter go have snowball fights if its summer go riding or swimming or even have a cookout with all you friends and family if its spring and you like picking flowers go ahead. Don’t be lazy if your bored sitting there won’t change it you got to do something about it.
Here is a list to help you to give you some ideas on what to do you can play video games, play football, play basketball, play hockey, play outside, go to the lake, go to the movies, go to a friends house, go to a family members house, go swim, go hunting, go...

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