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What Leadership Challenges Will Organisations Face Over The Next 10 Years And What Steps Can They Take To Address Them?

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In the era of continuously evolving business scenario where organizational structure is getting more and more complex, the task of leadership is getting tougher. Business leaders are dealing with volatile economic climate, political policies and growing international competition. Innovation in technologies, emergence of knowledge based business tools and industry dealing with them, ruthless media and publicity mechanism, an aware and demanding consumer and environmental resource concerns put forth a complex mix of challenges that managers must face to be successful. Further, in the aftermath of some recent financial events ethics are going to play a bigger role and leaders throughout the ...view middle of the document...

It is believed that these characteristics allow adhocracy to respond faster than traditional bureaucratic organizations while being more open to new ideas.

Inspiring Others: An effective leadership has always been able to inspire or motivate team members to work smarter and achieve the common goal in a time bound manner. In a well oiled organizational structure, the inspiration comes from the business leadership which has expertise and principle along with the drive. Leading by example remains the best way to inspire the others. Everything a leader does, every day, impacts their employees. It is necessary that organizations nurture the culture of role model leadership as being inspired is first step towards inspiring others.

Developing Employees: The challenge of developing others, especially through mentoring and coaching has been complicated by the attritions organizations face in today’s labor market. Though, one must add cautiously that the uncertain economic environment has created a check on the tendency of job hopping. However, in long run, it has also been observed attrition often results in depletion of the talent pool for organizations practicing unfair policies or prone to Employee mistreatment. In addition, with a shrinking labor pool, organizations need to take steps to identify strong leaders and provide the appropriate development opportunities for them. An organization's managers are its direct link to employees—they have a strong influential role and impact on performance and morale. Growing talent from within is becoming an increasingly prevalent staffing alternative. For human resources executives, knowing the challenges leaders face can be the catalyst for developmental initiatives aimed at helping leaders.
Strategic training plan: many a time management development is informal and disjointed, rather than part of a strategic training plan. Many managers are promoted into managerial roles because strong technical expertise. The shift from technical to strategic can be a difficult one, however, and many new managers flounder. On the other hand leadership requires a variety of skills— strategic, communication, supervisory, general business, interpersonal and technical. One need not be an expert of everything but still an effective leader has a reasonable degree of understanding of these skill sets as well as finance, marketing and operations—regardless of their particular area of expertise. The business leaders need a solid understanding of the industry in which they operate and the structure and functions of the organization. And they need to clearly understand the organization's culture, philosophies, policies and procedures. A comprehensive training plan encompassing all these is necessary for developing effective leadership.

Team-building, team development, and team management: This challenge can be seen as a direct derivative of the previous ones. Once the organization develops a healthy culture, instills inspirations...

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