What Made Me Change My Attitude To English?

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Before taking English 1A, I was a discouraged writer because as an English learner, I did not believe that I had any ability to be an acceptable writer. Therefore, I did not have any joy while I was doing writing assignments. However, I have gradually loved writing through this semester. I fortunately got plenty of helps from my classmates and professor; thus, my writing skills have gotten improved a lot. I currently can feel that writing is a quite enjoyable process, and I like delivering my ideas to other people by writing, too. I am really proud that I have enhanced my pre-writing skills, writing structure and revising skills and have learned how to write an effective thesis statement and ...view middle of the document...

In the past, I did not really care about the writing structure. Therefore, problems then came out. Most of paragraphs did not follow the format of TEAC paragraphs, and it might cause readers get distracted since I sometimes did not initially state my purpose or topic sentence in the beginning of every paragraph. Furthermore, I did not correctly analyze after I provided examples. However, since I use pre-writing before I start writing, I also plan what I should write in every paragraph. For example, I would like to spend more time in critically thinking what my topic sentence is. And then, I will take some time to look for outside sources. After I finish writing topic sentence and citing an outside source as an example, I will then start analyzing why I chose this source as my example and will develop my own opinion through analysis.
As I have established a better habit of prewriting, I started being aware of my writing environment. In the past, I did not seriously mind where I wrote because I did not have any passion on writing. But I completely changed my mind after I noticed that writing was eventually a really important way for me to express myself and my opinion. When I worked on Paper 4, I spent two hours looking for outside sources at library so that I could have enough examples and evidence to support my ideas. I understood a truth that “No pain, no gain.” If I do not try my best to do preparation for my writing assignments, I will never make my essays achieve my expectations. Consequently, I will then gradually dislike writing since I never satisfy my drafts.
Revising is an extraordinarily useful way to make an essay more effective and more perfect. I usually revised at least one time of my thesis statement in almost every paper since I always got stuck on it. For example, the thesis statement below was the thesis statement of my original Paper 4 “I believe that the Internet is like a double-edged sword, which has both positive and negative impacts. Even though the Internet creates some bad consequences, such as plagiarism and distraction, it is generally good for us. The Internet is overall beneficial to us by providing us more information access, learning opportunities, and instant communication.” After I finish writing the first draft out, I then discovered a really huge problem. I was aware that some of the reasons I wrote were too similar to each other; thus, it was extremely difficult for me to specifically establish my ideas and develop my position of the argument. As a result, I then asked my English professor for help, and he told me that I would have hard time to keep writing since all of the reasons I provided were too similar and too general. In spite of the fact that I had to revise the whole essay if I changed my thesis statement, I still decided to change some of my reasons so that I could clearly and logically write on my essays later on. After revising, my thesis statement becomes “Honestly, every technology has its...

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