What Makes A Country Rich Or Poor?

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If a country is lacking in resources, then that country would be determined to be poor in wealth. Some countries have resources, but are unable to obtain the resources either by corruption or the lack of up-to-date technology. The lack of resources would make countries unable to get their own source of revenue, whether it is from selling these resources or keeping the resources for financial backup. Most of the countries that are poor are from corruption. The leaders that support corruption spend the countries’ wealth in a free and lavish lifestyle. These countries usually have strong currencies, which mean that the money isn’t worth what it seems. The countries impede other exports because ...view middle of the document...

Without a doubt, every single country has corruption. The countries that are classified as wealthy democracies even have experimented with corruption. The bad isn’t always because of corruption, but bad consequences are often resulting from corruption (Johnston). Poverty from corruption is the worst result for countries. Poverty induces poor health, numerous jobs, irregularity, and peril. Countries would be considered “poor” in qualities because of people becoming sickly and having to work harder for less money (“Standard of living in the developing world”). Countries need to make better decision in order to actually gain a “rich” status.
The most important argument that really makes a country rich or poor is spirituality. The spirituality argument is most important because religion brings inner peace and acknowledgement of an afterlife. Those who have religion tend to believe in things that one cannot see. This is considered to be faith, or belief without physical proof. It doesn’t matter what religion someone practices because as long as one has faith in God, then that person will ultimately succeed. It is believed to be true that the strength of one’s family is determined by religion. Those that attend Church have a better chance of becoming married, and have a lesser chance of getting a divorced. Religion allows for humans to be content and satisfied with marriage. In order for one to gain stability and happiness, one must attend Church. If one was to practice one’s religion on a regular day basis, then God will bless those who are needy with a step-by-step plan to move from the state of poverty. Religion is what actually created the ability for humans to have belief. Religion wasn’t the actually reason, but God. God gave humanity the ability to obtain moral judgment. The belief in religion can be a great source of strength and recovery (Fagan). Studies prove that a belief in God, or having a religion, can help humanity as a whole. In result, countries’’ inhabitants will create a “rich” environment. If rich is something interesting because it being full of diversity or complexity, why wouldn’t religion be number one? The only reasons humans have progressed to the current date is because of a belief in God. Spirituality is the key to life, and without it life would be pointless.
Religion makes humans as a whole want to live. However, religion is a term that humans invented. Religion will never cover the full concept of God, and that is why Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle all stated that the ultimate truth is discovered with death. Death is humanity’s fulfillment of the truth. Humanity’s idea of religion is just a building block that is a foundation for man's search for meaning. It is the crucial instruction for a successful life. If humans had no sense of purpose, then many people would consider death as the reason for life. Many humans have found a purpose for living their lives, and this was only through religion. Religion teaches justice,...

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