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What Makes A Family Work? And What Are The Things That Breaks Them Apart?

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All sorts of problems and disasters can suddenly happen in a family life. What these problems are and when they occur differs from every family. All families undertake many stages of development. Families all start with the parents and the children, whether they're in the same house or not. As children get older they begin school, then teenagers, beginning to became more independent and finally spreading their wings and leaving home to make their own future and lives.In the middle of all these, family conflicts can suddenly spring up: A growing child might develop their own beliefs and values, which then can clash with the beliefs held by their parents, E.g. A growing child might want to be a sport athlete, this is met with resistance from the parents, who wants their child to get a career that would profit the child even in his/hers late ages (an accountant, lawyer, or doctor for examples). The children demands more independence than their parents are prepared to allow, more older teens also don't bend to their parents' wishes as simple as younger youths, but more expectedly stand their ground. A child's emotional and physical changes through puberty can worry/confused their parents. Families that don't function well also have their flaws, such as lack of respect for each other, not listening/talking to each other, use of physical violence to prove one's point or as their main form of disciplinary. More, they have trouble with agreeing to something, always refusing to recognize others' point of view and the habit to use unhelpful manners of communicating to other members thru yelling, swearing, and criticizing. The catalog of breakdowns continues: school learning problems, bullying, loss of trust and respect for adults, disputes with other family members, lack of affection and feeling from the parents and to other members, and all the things said above, these eventually leads to the increased risk of the child to suicide in the future. Families moves to another home, and their children bringing home mates; some their parents approves of, and some not. Along with these is the unfortunate assault of Mother Nature, e.g. your home was flooded, burnt or smashed by a hurricane; having a good family requires adaptation to new surroundings and the ability to face new changes.Sometimes change is difficult both for children and adults. Sometimes families cannot deal with a difficulty or change and problems develop.Everyone wants their family to be happy and successful. If things are going bad and family members have black feelings towards each other, there is always the desire to put things right, to fix the damage. It is easy to imagine many families never wishes to discuss what they truly feel, and the parents thinking that the other member/s had no problem whatsoever, but this can lead to that member/s being upset. There is no thing as a perfect family. A benefit to any family is to perceive the humorous side of things when it goes awry.There is no...

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