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What Makes A Father A Great One

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Holly MitchellMs. OliverENG 2DOctober 20th 2013What makes a father a great one?Atticus Finch is an excellent role model as a father. He does a phenomenal job, not only by bringing his children well, but also the right way. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee does wonders with Atticus's character; she gives him excellent characteristics such as intelligence, courage, and wisdom. He teaches his children Jem and Scout that you can never truly know how a person is feeling until you walk around in their skin. Atticus proves that anger never wins, and racism is wrong and degrading on so many levels, Jem and Scout couldn't have asked for a better father. Harper Lee set out to create a visual representation of a well suited father, she does a tremendous job with Atticus. From his intelligence, wisdom, courage and not to mention his great upbringing of Jem and Scout, she wanted him to come across as a very kind, and loving man. She did just that. Every parent brings up their kids in a different way, and Atticus Finch is a prime example of just that. He teaches Jem and Scout that racism is never ok, accepts his children for who they are, and also teaches them that anger will never win. First of all, Atticus has taught Jem and Scout that racism is a vile and degrading thing that is never acceptable. He is disgusted that the community is so oblivious to the severity of the issue, in the Tom Robinson case Atticus knows the verdict before the trial even begins. Since the whites treat the coloured folk like dirt beneath their feet, Finch still puts up a fight for his innocent client, but the jury already have a verdict in the back of their minds. With this situation he has a prime opportunity to stress furthermore to Jem and Scout how wrong the blacks are treated and seen, that racism is degrading, and not to mention down right wrong.Mitchell 2Secondly, Atticus accepts his children for who they are as people. When Aunt Alexandra stresses to Atticus that Scout needs to act more lady like, and to wear frocks and dresses, he defends his little girl and tells Aunt Alexandra that Scout can be who and what she wants, not what other people want her to be. Not all girls are made out to be prissy, dressy, and uptight, Atticus makes it quite clear to Alexandra that he doesn't want Scout to change for anyone else's benefit. Atticus teaches Jem that you will never win out of anger; he proves this by making him read to Mrs. Dubose every day after he destroyed her flowers, even though she insulted Atticus. He taught Jem respect and to be the bigger person in those types of situations, Jem grew as a person and learned a valuable lesson from Atticus. As a result Jem never got into that type of situation again, Atticus is a brilliant father, he teaches Jem and Scout that racism is wrong, that they should be their own person, and that you should always be the bigger person. Even though the trial was a nail biting experience, Atticus finch puts up a good fight in Toms defence....

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