What Makes A House A Dream House?

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Everyone’s vision of their dream house is different. For some it is set on an enormous piece of land out in the country. Someone else wants theirs on the shore line where the crashing surf wakes them each morning. A large apartment, in a buzzing metropolis, with an expanse of windows looking out on the twinkling lights below may be the dream of another. So, what does mine look like, maybe a combination of all of these or something completely different?
Having grown up in the country, one might think that a house in the country would be my dream, but it isn’t. A setting that appears to be in the country with all the perks of the city, yes thank you. Driving down the street you notice houses sitting back equal distances from the street with tidy small emerald lawns before them so close to each other that you feel as though you could stretch your arms between two and touch them both. Children squeal with glee in the backyard pools, and cars go whizzing past as you turn the corner a different world seems to appear. Snowy white fences surround expanses of pasture land, here and there an elegant horse stands as still as a statue. No buildings are visible only the green of the pastures. A soft breeze caresses your cheek and the perfume of lilac and rose ever so gently kisses your nostrils, as you turn in an opening between two mighty oak trees. Full luxurious branches overhead are like the arches of a great cathedral, providing shelter and shade from the sun.
Then you see it, at the end of the alley, the first building low slung with a wide porch surrounding it. As you step up onto the porch you notice the restful sofa and chairs covered in a riot of colors inviting you to sit for a spell. Baskets and urns of verdant ferns provide a calming break from the blue and...

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