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What Makes A Bad Customer? This Term Paper Explores This Question And Proposes Ways To Manage Bad Customers.

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What Makes a Bad Customer?All business entities need customers. Customers are whom pay for thegoods and services, and without customers, there would be no possibility ofprofits being made. But having customers alone does not insure success incommerce. There are good customers, and then there are bad customers.Having all bad customers may be about as profitable as having no customers atall. In fact, having all bad customers could be a liability that puts a businessowner in the hole.There needs to be made a distinction about what a good customer and abad customer is. Once that definition is made, it is easy to examine the role thata business can play, to attempt to create good customers at any stage of thecustomer-business relationship.Two good ways to determine if a customer is unhappy is, first, they don'twant to pay for a good or service, and two, they bad mouth and complain about abusiness. Complaints can hurt a company's image. Word-of-mouth complainingis bad enough, but now there are web sites that cater to open forums ofcustomer's real or imagined grumblings. A web site for Sprint customers offerscustomers and employees to tell their stories. "So whether you are [a]disgruntled employee, or ex-employee, a customer who has been slammed,crammed, [miss]-charged, spoken to rudely, ignored, or have received plain oldbad service, you can tell your story and we'll put it here." (Sprint) This ventingoutlet can expose a company for it's wrong doing, or conversely, it can cast ashadow of doubt on an ethically run business unfairly.So what behaviors do bad customers have, besides not paying and badmouthing? There are customers that do not have the where-with-all to maintaincontrol when they are angry. They can become verbally abusive, and in somecases, physically abusive. Owner Kevin Wyman of Off-road Outlet Inc. shared,"Into every business owner's lap a few difficult customers must fall. Once you'vebeen on the receiving end of their ire, you know why they're called customersfrom hell." (McCune) Learning how to manage these types of customers canrelieve stress for the customers and employees.Customers that are unknowledgeable of products or services can begrievant. Many times there are expectations that don't get met, for any numberof reasons, and that breaks down the customer-business relationship. Acorporate commitment to employee and customer education can change that.Often there are customers that are indecisive about what they want. Ittakes time, and sometimes money, to help steer a customer towards a purchase.Even with all the available and costly guidance, a purchase may not be the endresult. Employee training on how to recognize these clients and know when tolet go, or how to sell that service, is imperative to cost cutting.Unfortunately there are customers that are just plain greedy. Theyattempt through bullying and browbeating to get more than what is fair. Clearcut policies for customer service employees to be polite and firm in...

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