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What Makes A First Year College Student Successful?

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Freshman year, the year of many first; the first time living away from home, the first time being away from friends, the first time a student has control of their own learning. Freshman year requires a lot of discipline, but a lot of students do not possess this trait. The factors that contribute to the success of first year college students are social support, comfort within the college environment, self control,responsibiliy and positive self concept.
Being a college student could be very stressful; many students feel pressure from their family and peers to do well. The struggles of college; in academic, social, and economical factors, would be much harder without a support system. Encouragement of family members is a very important factor in a first year college student. One reason is because individuals seek praise from their family members and friends. If these people encourage the student to do well in all their courses, and then express approval when he or she does excel, then more than likely this student will continue to do well. According to studies of Hackman & Dysinger, a familys expectation may be as significant as a student’s own. Many graduates note that their parents assumed that they would graduate rather than just hoping. Students of educated parents are more likely to be motivated in college because of their understanding and encouragement.
Involvement in college is another way to receive social support. According to Astin, A. W, living on campus is the most effective way to be involved, when college students stay on campus; he or she is surrounded by individuals seeking similar goals, which is to succeed through education. This is where students are most likely to meet their friends, find study partners and to participate in extracurricular activities. Interactions with other college students help to develop skills different from their own such as study skills and time management skills. Interaction also means that students keep in contact with professors to ensure greater success in each of their classes
Success comes easier to a student’s if they are in their comfort zone. students who feel at ease with their environment, have a higher tendency to achieve success in college, for example studies have shown that African American students that attend predominantly white universities are more likely to either have lower grade point averages or drop out at higher rates than their white counterparts and African Americans at historically black colleges. (Allen, Epps & Hanuf, 1991; Braddock & Dawkins 1981) This is a common example of how change could affect a student’s ambition unconsciously. Studies have shown that students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities are more likely to have higher self worth, positive self images, strong racial pride, and higher aspirations, opposite of black students on white campuses. This is true for almost all commonalities: race, gender, age, and even backgrounds....

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