What Makes A Role Model? Essay

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There are certain types of people that go out of their way to keep others happy. They influence and help others when they need it. While in this unique period of time, it can seem quite uncommon to see someone try to make a difference in their community. Most adolescents are much too absorbed in video games, cell phones, or other technology that comes into their lives to look at the bigger picture around them. This “bigger picture” consists of the community they live in, the school, church, and friends that mostly influence who they are if they so choose.
Those that choose to be influenced are called role models. Role models have a certain behavior that is unique to others. That behavior is usually imitated by other pupils, usually younger children. These mentors possess the qualities that society strives to perfect. The role models have an outlook that fills the role an individual is trying to aspire so that the same individual looks up to their “mentor.” Each role model teaches a person about themselves. For example, writers can teach us messages about human life through words. The message might help someone realize that life isn’t all about them and that they should go out to do things that make them and other people happy. A role model isn’t brash; only looking back to see if he/she can help those that came from the very same place they did.
Role models make big and small differences depending on how they affect a person. Since children or others affected, learn by following the example set by older people in their lives, being consistent with your actions is important. Since we all develop certain socialization skills by watching others, becoming a positive role model cuts the cake. Role models teach healthy habits and practice good self-esteem. Parents can be role models because the actions that they take are judged by the child. If the child sees the parents acting in a positive manner, they most likely will act according to the attitude the parents are illustrating. Even playing around and how you carry yourself has a silent impact on others whether they believe it or not. For example, in stressful situations, a person may unconsciously judge how you are handling a problem when it gets tough. Letting go and losing your composure can make someone wander away from you in the future. In fact, role models attract attention to themselves most of the time. People just enjoy being around them because they create hope and make a difference all around.
With that all being said, I have exampled many characteristics of a role model. As mentioned earlier, a role model can be found in many ways like sports. Since I am a senior this year, it has been a rollercoaster ride trying to get my head out of the clouds back down to the reality that it is my last year in high school....

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