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What Makes A Great Marriage? Essay

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Kingsley, George (2004). Length of time required to achieve adjustment in marriage. [electronic]. (American Sociological Review). 666 – 667.
In this article, George Kingsley describes various adjustment period for different aspects in a marriage. The paper examines areas such as financial, relationships with in-laws, religion, mutual friends and social activities. The study that was done gives information in a statistical manner. The results give substantial information regarding details about marital intimacy and break them down into useful tables. This study gives the viewpoints of both men and women, and they all stipulate that marriage takes a lot of work and nothing great comes easy. A lot of the findings in this study will be used in my research paper to, reinforce what makes a great marriage. In this study, one factor is evident; when we get married we believe its forever. The question to pose is if we thought divorce would be the outcome, why go through with this process in the first place. In this study we find that everyone has to adjust and that means compromise to ensure success. The statistics and results from the study will be used in this research paper to illustrated elements that ensure a successful marriage. (Kingsley 2004).
Bernard, J. (2008). The Future of marriage. New Haven: Yale University Press. J. Bernard discusses in this book marriage twenty years from now and compares it to the present day. It gives factual information on the increasing divorce rate and the events that lead up to these results. Then looking at the right information, guidance and techniques the future could ultimately be a lot better. Giving techniques to ensure the correct way to effectively communicate and how those techniques can avoid a lot of the pitfalls, failed marriages incur. The number of references he list validates the credibility of the opinions he gives. There are so many different things going in this society today, all of which have tended to make marriage attractive or interesting. Realistically society blames divorce on just the things stated above. Cohabitation and having children out of wedlock are some of the main reasons why society is in such turmoil. With the change in moral and beliefs and the higher rates of divorce we incur every day. This leads us to believe that the future of marriage has dramatically taken a big change and not for the better. This book gives ample case studies of marriages from the past and present day, to show where marriage is headed. This source gives insight to where we are going if we don’t use the information we have in the proper way. The future of marriage should be the broadcast of increasing great marriages and the decline of the divorce rate. This source will be used as a comparison to what we have and what we don’t want (Bernard).
Bowersox, Bob. (2002). 48 Hours to a Stronger Marriage. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin Publishing. This book is used as a reinforcement...

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