What Makes Aveda’s Products Sustainable And Organic

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Aveda is a leading cosmetic company which manufactures makeup, perfume, skin care and hair products. Aveda’s head office location is 400 pheasant Ridge Drive Blaine, Minnesota 55449 U.S.A. Aveda’s telephone number is (612) 783-4000.
Horst Rechelbacher founded Aveda in 1978. Aveda started with one product shampoo that Rechelbacher had created in his kitchen sink leading to the development of conditioners and all other products. Aveda is now a successful business with 5000 employees, and has store locations in 33 different countries and 7231 beauty shops. All of Aveda’s products are manufactured in their factory in Minnesota; the Estee Lauder Company now owns Aveda. Estee Launder purchased Aveda in 1997 for $350 million, since then Aveda has doubled their annual sales.

Aveda offers a variety of products such as skincare botanical kinetics for dry skins, botanical kinetics for oily skin, acne relief pads, exfoliating cleanser, hydrating lotion, toners, lipsticks, lip balm, lip-gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer, powder, make-up brushes, perfumes and candles.

Aveda carries all organic and sustainable skin, hair and make-up products. Aveda also participates in the fair trade agreement to purchase extracted ingredients at a fair price for labor that is outsourced. Aveda outsources their organic ingredients from countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Bulgaria, Australia, and Peru. Aveda also takes part in ensuring that the communities and environment where these organic ingredients are coming from are protected and not mistreated. Aveda makes sure the traditions and rituals of these people’s communities are respected.

What makes Aveda’s products sustainable and organic are the ingredients that are used in the products produced like the “essential oils” from flower and plant extracts; and by the refillable packaging that comes with all products. Aveda has taken the responsibility to “ protect the biosphere, sustainable us of natural resources, reduction and disposal of wastes, energy conservation, risk reduction, safe products and services, environmental restoration, management of commitment, audits and reports and informing the public”. (Conseil)

Aveda ensures that they adhere to the sustainable and environmentally safe guidelines by releasing a ceres report to the public annually that outlines their achievements, goals, and plans for the future. Not only does Aveda take a responsibility as a company but they make sure that each individual in the company is able to adhere to these guidelines and they help their employees by offering daily on-site environment operations, encourage the use of friendly environmentally safe raw materials and have employees educate themselves on the awareness of the environment and sustainability through courses and programs which educate on the topic.

Aveda markets sustainable and organic products to customers through their marketing plan that educates the...

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