What Makes My Family A Family

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How often do you hear parents saying that their teenager wants to spend time with them instead of going out? Not very often at all if you ask me. Spending quality time together is one of the most beneficial and most obvious ways to improve your parent/child relationship. Unfortunately, it is what most families are forgetting. Respect is another quality that has been disappearing in families. Children treat their parents as if they are just someone in charge and not as a mother or father. Communication between family members should be on a personal level, where they can share their feelings, their experiences, and their accomplishments. Having a good relationship with your child will impact the decisions they make and how they live their life.

Why is it that young teenagers look for love and affection from someone outside of their family? I would say that their parents are not spending good quality time together. A girl that does not receive enough attention from her dad will look for attention from someone of the opposite sex. I know a family that can directly relate to this situation. The father is always either at work, or at the gym. He chooses to not have any contact with relatives, and rarely sees his own family. Just recently, he was ready to divorce with his wife. I am not saying this just to show that being away from home can cause relationship problems between the parents, their children, or even relatives. Not giving a child the attention they need can show in their life and will affect them negatively. This man’s daughter, who is an only child, has been interested in boys since age 10. She is 14 years of age now and cannot count on her hands the amount of guys she has “dated”. Parents need to be an example to their kids but in order to do so, they need to be around. They should spend time doing enjoyable activities together with their children. These could include going places, playing sports, or something as simple as eating meals together. This time spent together will show a child that their family is important and will help bring them closer.

Although it is wonderful when a child can be open to their parents on a personal level, they should know who they are speaking to. Being a friend to your child is necessary but children should not feel that it is okay to yell at their parents or speak as if they are ‘homies.’ They should not feel like they can listen when they...

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