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What Makes People Successful? Essay

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The moment a child enters the world, he beings to strive for one thing: knowledge. He learns to walk, to eat, to defecate in a toilet. He sits in classrooms for twelve years at the least, receiving a basic education (though often not entirely by choice). Then, he might choose to pay thousands of dollars afterward to receive further instruction, all for the sake of knowledge. Throughout his entire life, he will strive to learn, be it through instruction or experience, and he will not cease until his death. (insert transition sentence here) Indisputably, the goal of human life is to learn. The question, now, is why. Not only is learning a goal that all of humanity desires to achieve, it is one ...view middle of the document...

He was promptly rejected. However, he learned from that rejection, and, instead of allowing it to defeat him, he turned it into a lesson which allowed him to become successful in future endeavors. Afterward, he went so far as to claim never again to invent something no one would buy (Furr).
People with a drive to learn akin to that of Thomas Edison are the pioneers of new technologies. They bring the advantages from knowledge from a personal scale to a global one. What they learn in turn aides the whole of humanity. For instance, the quality of medicine has improved drastically over the years due to new discoveries by experts. Compared with the poultices of moldy bread used to treat infected wounds in ancient Egypt, modern medicine is exceptional (“Discovery and Development”). Advancements are still being made today. In April, 2014, paralyzed individuals are finding that they can once again move their limbs. Research and the development of new technologies have come together to create a remote-controlled electrical stimulator that can be implanted into the spinal cord to help stimulate paralyzed limbs (Cohen and Hudson). This breakthrough, among others, allows promise for the future of medicine.
Not only have spirited learners improved the lives of the impaired, they have improved the lives of everyone. In recent years, the quality and advancement of technologies has improved exponentially. This is the result of years upon years devoted by scientists and engineers to invent, amend, and perfect new technologies. Even cell phones have changed drastically since they were first approved for use in 1983 (Brain, Tyson, and Layton). Through diligent research and...

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