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What Makes Someone A Better Business Leader?

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Leadership has always been an important component of success in an organization. In today's ever-changing world, leadership takes on an even greater importance. Without competent leadership, enterprises rarely prosper in the complex world. Enterprises are looking for people to be leaders and this trend can be seen from everywhere. Enterprises demand that the leaders will be strongest and most qualified to lead their businesses.A prominent leader makes a better performance of the company. The challenge is that only a few people get it right. Things like courage, incertitude and of course, selfhood may blind the eyes of even the best leader. However, those who are able to get across the obstacles to leadership and stay focused on doing more than develop strong companies, they are better business leaders. "The common characteristic of these leaders is their ability to inspire and stimulate others to achieve worthwhile goals. The people who can accomplish these important deeds practice leadership" (Dubrin et al. 2006, p.3).The meaning of leadership has been defined in many ways. Daft (2002, p.5) states "Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purpose." Effective leadership is all about creating this shared purpose and vision. Endrissat et al. (2005) also assert "Leadership is conventionally associated with a power imbalance and a unidirectional influence process". This is one of many possible understandings of phenomenon and it is the one that traditional leadership theory and research have adopted and emphasizes the role of the leader along with his/her traits and behaviors. In addition, Chan & Maubourgne (1992) defined leadership as the ability to invigorate belief and assist among the people who are needed to achieve common goals. However, the innovation of Leadership in twenty-first century is not only being able to influence others. It also has other aspects, Heifetz argues leadership is "mobilizing people to face adaptive challenges" (Gary 2005, p.34). It means that people have to learn new behaviors, change their values, priorities and ways of doing business. Leadership is also about getting things done through other people by inspiring them to take responsibility and do the work that only they can do.Even though some people treat manager and leader as synonyms, but they should be distinguished. To become a better leader and survive in the twenty-first century, the first task is to differentiate between manager and leader. According to the chart of distinctions from Bennis & Goldsmith (2003, p.8), basically the manager is an administrator and maintains the tasks of the company, accepts reality, focuses on systems and structure, relies on control, manager has a short-range view and his/her eye always on the bottom line. The role of leader is more exclusive, a leader is an innovator and develops the tasks of the company, investigates reality,...

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