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What Matters Now Essay

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In the book, "What Matters Now (2012)," Gary Hamel insisted that as managers we are intrigue by the ideology of control. Hamel also contends, “As, managers, we’re pragmatic doers, not starry-eyed dreamers.” Hamel’s also brings a good point about understanding what is it that motives those who are not engineers but are managers, executives, or leaders. In today’s society, we are moving into a very technological innovated environments and we will be require to demonstrate new ways of planning, organizing, collaborating, and motivating to be a successful organization. Furthermore, we can still fulfill our needs of feeling in “control” but as leaders we need to be passionate, motivate, and strategic on how we are relating the message to our employees. We want to be successful we must take care of our employees and they will be good to us.
After reviewing Hamel’s “moonshots” themes: mending the soul, unleashing capabilities, fostering renewal, distributing power, seeking harmony, and reshaping mind. It inspired me to put to my current experiences into perspective. I would like to share some of current and past experiences have motivated me to become a better leader.

Embedding the Ethos Community and Citizenship
In the last few years, the organization I work for has gone through a couple management transitions. I have noticed with the new management team, we have began implementing the management systems and structures Hamel’s explains in his book. The senior management team has committed themselves to improved patient care by creating a patient committee which includes members of the community. This patient committee will provide feedback to better assist our senior management team when make decision that affect the organization as whole. I see m organization taking the steps necessary for tomorrow’s decisions. Collaborating with the community has increased our productivity and patient satisfaction making the organization move to the next level.
Humanizing the Language and Practice of Business
Working for a non-profit organization that helps the underserved community has motivated me to do more for my organization. I am truly passionate about the mission of my organization we believe that compassion and kindness are integral to providing high quality care that is patient centered. In the last few months, we put together events for our employees that focus in our mission and our values. In result, we have seen an increase in employee satisfaction and participation. Business goals are important to create but it is more important to execute them and see them in practice so others can follow.
Increase Trust, Reducing Fear
Due to the turnover of our management teams through out the years there has been a lack of trust in our leadership. The current management team has done a great job in breaking those barriers by communicating information effectively and being transparent. In result, employees have lost fear of thinking they might their...

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