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What Is The Effect Of Illegal Immigration On Society Causes And Effects Anthropology

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Zuha MirzaIllegal Mexican ImmigrationAnthropology 205Professor CollinsSection 9M3WMirza 1Illegal Mexican Immigration to the U.SMarsha Blackburn once said "We all learned in kindergarten that the beginning is a very good place to start. As we have this debate on illegal immigration and illegal entry into this country, let's begin at the very beginning by sealing the borders to this great Nation." This quote is a connotation of the negative attitudes toward illegal aliens that hinder all obstacles just to get to the U.S border. Mexico, which is located to the Southwest of the U.S, is a country inclusive of a distinct culture, language and customs that make it diverse from other countries in the North American continent. However, despite the fact it is so rich in culture, there are many push factors that hold back the people from opportunities and moving up on the social ladder. This is why they resort to abandoning their ancestral home ground and move on to the prospering East. The US and Mexican governments actively entice illegal immigrants to enter the United States in order to work illegally for profit-hungry employers. Extremely poor immigrants, who are often desperate to house and feed their families, respond to the financial enticements and then are blamed by U.S. citizenry for illegally being in the US. Although there is much opposition against the migration of the Mexicans to the United States the irony is that legal immigration into the United States is a highly profitable proposal for both employers and the U.S. and Mexican government, which is the largest source country of undocumented immigrants into the US. As with any controversial issue there are two dynamic sides to the arguments. The Mexicans tend to justify their migration to the U.S through the lack of opportunities in Mexico and the abundance of liberty in the U.S while the U.S on the other hand stands in a hypocritical state as itMirza 2endorses heavy border patrol and immigration laws but has its' economy thrive off of the Mexicans willingness to work with such low wages.Illegal immigration to the United States has been one of the major problems that is being faced by the government for quite sometime. The immigrants from Mexico have flooded into America in large numbers with hopes of getting better and well paying jobs with an intention of improving their living standards and that of their families back at home. The current figures show that there is an estimated 9 to 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States who are contributing to a great deal to the low wage system (Chiswick, 93). The number of illegal immigrants in the United States is increasing at a very high rate with an average of about 10,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border, which totals to about 3 million in a year (Chiswick, 92). Out of this figure, the larger percentage of the immigrants is the Mexicans.The illegal immigrants that travel from Mexico to the United States, do not have the work...

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