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What Is The Real Purpose Of Education? Are We In It Simply For The Purpose Of Learning? Essay Suggests That There Is More To An Education Than Books.

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"School Teaches Us More Than Just Words"As a child, I remember my mother telling me to make sure I succeed in school so that when I grow up I can be somebody. I told her I wanted to be a doctor and that I would do my best and make her proud. In reality, what was the purpose of this education that I would receive in my future years? Education is there to make us all well-rounded and not just educated individuals. The whole purpose of education is not simply learning history, science, algebra and writing, but learning to incorporate intelligence with social awareness.The first major step toward becoming a well-rounded individual through education takes place during the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years. I remember when I entered my first year of school at the ripe age of four. I was worried about what the other children would think of me and how I would get along with my teachers. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten however, proved to be the best years of my life. Those early years of my life were filled with learning how to color and trying to get along with the other children in the class. Receiving a grade of E for excellent on my report card in the area of conduct was the highest accomplishment in my four year old mind. I would try my hardest to get that grade by making friends with the other children and respecting them as individuals. Rewarding me for being a good person was what made me strive to respect everyone equally, something I would need in my future years. These two years were probably the most important years of my schooling because during these years the most inculcation about how I should treat others took place. Though these years are used to teach children some of the basic things they would need to know for the future, they are used more to show children the value of self-respect and respect for others.The next major step would be the high school level. I remember my four great years spent at Brooklyn Technical High School. Although the majority of my time was spent on my studies, some of it was spent learning to have fun. I joined the junior varsity and varsity baseball teams and learned many of the important things I would...

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