What Men Want Essay

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What Men Want
In 2014, the advertising business is as big as ever. Companies from all over the world attempt to gain the favor and loyalty of consumers. However, it is obvious that not all consumers are the same. Different strategies for advertising vary. The most common tactic is the use of gender to advertise effectively. For example, Nike has long used the pinnacle of human athletic achievement to sell its brand. But Nike’s top endorsement deals go to men (i.e. LeBron James, Rory McElroy, and so on). Nike is not the only company who markets to men on the basis of achievement. Axe Body Products also markets to men who are interested in achievement in a different way; the achievement with the opposite sex. Now the two companies do have differing ways that the brand appeals to men respectively, but the overall message that the two businesses are similar. They both want to attract men who want the best on the market. Both Nike and Axe market to the masculine crowd by ...view middle of the document...

Countless Nike ads contain the image of James as he showcases his ability on the basketball court. Thus, Nike tries to show viewers that only the best athletes wear the brand, so they too should purchase apparel to make themselves stand above all others. Not only does the sport gear of Nike allure consumers, but they show that the most talented athletes use the brand. This tactic is extremely effective to high school and collegiate basketball players because they are influenced by those they see on television and in ads. The majority of basketball fans say that LeBron is the best basketball player in the world, and to be like him is just a dream. Like Axe Cologne, Nike wants capitalizes on this idea and causes consumers to believe they too can be better than average with Nike products. Nike offers their customers the opportunity to purchase LeBron James basketball shoes, with the consumer’s intent being that the shoe will improve not only their talent but appearance. Nike then illustrates how it possesses the premier sportswear in the world.
While men and sports go together so well from a marketing standpoint, so too does the idea that men can be successful with the opposite sex. In the Axe ad, a man is standing on a beach with a can of Axe body spray, and in the background, a countless number of attractive women are swarming to the man’s spot on the beach. Axe shows that its product has the power to help men gain the attention of attractive women. With the attraction of the women, Axe implies that their product is the superior cologne on the market. Similarly to Nike’s strategy, Axe wants to convey the idea that the everyday guy can be successful, and have a confidence with the opposite sex. Axe tries to appeal to the male demographic with rather far-fetched ideas of sex appeal, and on the basis of elitist phycology.
All together, the two brands Nike and Axe both heavily rely on the business of the male population. These two ads have illustrated that both companies are trying to sell self-improvement to men on a physical appeal, and elitist appeal. Both brands feel that their product is the most popular among men with Nike covering sports, and Axe tackling hygiene. The point is that these two business giants market specifically to men for said reasons and both use the desires of the stereotypical men.

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