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What Mode Of Public Transportation Is Superior: Buses Or Taxis?

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Aside from all the safety issues and levels of access to public transportation, particularly bus and minibus taxis, there are operational factors that come into play when people decide which mode of transportation is best suited for them. This section pf the paper will highlight the operational factors comparing which mode of public transportation is better either buses or minibuses (taxi).
Operational flaws and successes of both buses and minibuses (taxi)
According to the National Household Travel Survey all forms of public transportation in South offer substandard service to people, the public transport users are not content with the way in which various mode public transportation ...view middle of the document...

Apart from the operational problems associated with the minibus (taxi), they rate much better than formal modes of public transportation that are subsidised by the state in terms of availability, accessibility, frequency and promptness based on the overall travelling time (Kumar and Barrett, 2008). South African commuters travel much longer distance using public transport modes than the rest of the world and minibuses tend to provide the bulk of the service to commuters (Lomme, 2008). As for affordability, although formal modes of transport both franchised bus service and commuter rail are heavily subsidized to an amount of more than half of operating costs, “minibus taxis still fare comparatively well in some part of the country they are the cheapest mode of public transport for all trips within a reasonable distance the case of Durban” (Lomme, 2008:5).
Buses on the other hand the problem that was identified with buses is that even though they are subsidised by the state the fare is considerably higher than that of taxis (Kumar and Barrett, 2008). They are not punctual and the level of access to buses as compared to taxis is considerably low. In the past buses were seen as the answer to solving the transport need of the poor, but due to the formation of the taxi industry the number of buses on the road have decreased (Czeglédy, 2004). The operation of buses in the country is a problem for many that make use of them. From the fact that they are not as frequent as taxi, or the fact that they operate only in certain areas and not others creates a problem for commuters, limiting the number of choses to reliable, accessible public transportation (Murray et al., 1998).

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