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What Motivates Murdresses To Kill Essay

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Serial Killer do not act on impulse. They are extremely organized and meticulously plan well thought out in order for them to commit their vicious crimes time and time again, as well as cover up all evidence for their actions. Serial killers, either male or female, are not born killers, they are made killers. For hundreds of years researchers have tried to understand how serial killers think. Researchers have narrowed down to three reason as to why they do the things they do. The first is socioeconomic factors, the second is biological factors, and the last is simply by individual choice. The truth is so so simple, but at the same time so puzzling. Researchers have even tried to see if there are any chromosome patterns to determine if it is in the genes. Researchers have analized that serial killers have a certain way or writing, of walking and of talking. Researchers try to make serial killers seem not human, make them appear from another world, making them look like bad guys. But no data has been found to confirm this in all cases. Serial killers can be anyone from a librarian to a nurse to even a police officer. The one thing thats most serial killers do have in common is their childhood. Most serial killers had a disastrous up brining, liked to play with fire (arson), liked to torture family pets (animal cruelty) and pied their beds at a very old age.
In my research paper I will explain what motivates most murderesses to kill. I will talk about the difference between a murderer(male) and a murderess (being a female). I will talk about the different motives between a male and a female, I will elaborate the classifications and its vast categories.
The term “serial killer” was invented in the late 1970's by “Robert K. Ressler” a former F.B.I. Agent. Robert K. Ressler and Dr. Michael Welner worked together to see if they could figure out motivations and terms. According to Dr. Michael Welner (a forensic psychiatrist and professor at a New York University) “Both[serial killers and mass murders], surely,
are simply multicides. The determining differential diagnostic feature
depends upon the identification of the psychological motivation of the
killer. The mass murderer kills numbers of people for any one, or any combination of the normally recognised classic motives. The serial killer kills primarily for a compulsive sexual reason, often a repulsive one, Lustmord,
although, just to make things more complicated, adjunctive benefits may,
accidentally as it were, accrue
.” A serial killer is a person who kills four people or more in a short period of time, then takes some time off to recuperate also known as a “cooling off” period. Please do not confuse a serial killer from a mass murdered. (A mass murderer murders one after the other after the other.)
When undergoing an investigation, detectives can usually detect if the murderer was a male or a female. Males tend to be more violent than women. Women usually kill with poison, they...

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