What It Takes To Become A Leader

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Leadership has always been, and always will be a key part of organizational success. But in today's changing world, leadership takes on an even greater importance. Without competent leadership, from enough people, enterprises rarely prosper in a turbulent world. Furthermore, everywhere we look today it seems we are constantly seeking people to be leaders. We want the strongest, most qualified persons to lead our businesses, our communities, our governments and our nation. Therefore, I am so curious to know what it takes to become a leader and how to implement effective leadership.What makes a leader??If you are interested in becoming a leader in the organization, you must first understand the meaning of leadership. Leadership has been defined in hundreds of ways, with each new leadership book claiming its definition to be the best. However, as my points, leadership is both a process and a property. As a process- what leaders actually do - leadership is the use of non-coercive influence to shape the group's or organization's goals, motivate behavior toward the achievement, and help define group or organization culture. As a property, leadership is the set of characteristics attributed to individual who are perceived to be leaders. Thus leaders are people who can influence the behaviors of others without having to rely on force; leaders are people whom others accept as leaders.The factors of being a good leader:1) Leader can be made from learning the skillsMany people still think leaders are born not made. This can't be further from the truth. Actually, most people have the potential to become good leaders. Leadership is not like a diet pill. Like most learned skills, it takes time, training, and lots of trial by error. The key ingredient making people good leaders is the ability to care about others. The second ingredient is a sense of purpose, vision or mission. A good leader charts a course and provides direction to those they lead.In the movie, Bud Fox originally was a follower not a leader. He just knew do the things which his supervisor wanted him to do. However, he became a leader by learning some skills, knowledge and experience from Gordon Gekko because he wanted to be a leader to have some power or money. He started to know how to lead others on his way or use others to achieve his goals. As playing a leader role, I think he did the good job. He made people listen to him and follow his order. He had the strength to influence the others' behaviors. The thing was that he couldn't image before that he could do. Therefore, everyone has the potential to be a leader if he/she wants.2) Leaders are not charismaticSome of the world's most famous leaders had warts--some sort of shortcoming or personality issue. In a leadership role, people skills are very important--more important than technical skills. However, the best leaders are those who work toward a goal. Your cause, your purpose and your mission in life will make you charismatic, not the...

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