What It Takes To Have A Good Involvement In Your Job

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Job involvement is the extent to which an employee recognizes his or her work, participates in it actively and regards his or her performance to be significant to self-value. A job-involved individual is the one who does not have any thoughts of quitting the work in his or her entire life. An employee’s job involvement in an industry is fully enhanced when related to job clarity, supervisory support and co-worker support.
Co-worker support
Co-worker support is the support that a worker acquires from his or her colleague in the working place. Co-worker support correlates to job involvement as it offers confidence to the workmate to continue working at a particular place (McCook 20). This helps in improving the productivity in the work environment. The co- worker support helps in eliminating and reducing stress that may result from the increased competition among them at the place of work, leading to high job involvement. It plays a great role in reducing the likelihood of an individual getting built up of sickness (Cheloha & Farr 65). For instance, when a worker is given support by his workmates, he or she is more likely to overcome the somatic stress and symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and muscle tension, and continue to work productively. Another form in which the co-worker support correlates to job involvement is through the encouragement from workmates. An individual tends to reduce on their tendency of absenteeism. When the workers reduce on their absenteeism, they gain more confidence to stay at the job place and, as a result, they tend get involved in their given jobs.
Job clarity
An employee is fully committed to his or her work, or has job involvement, when there is job clarity in his or her workplace. Job clarity is where employees are familiar with their roles and the organization’s objectives. Lack of clarity in the work place may lead to tension and conflict among the workers, leading to less involvement to job (Biswas, 16). Employees receive relevant informant that they need, so as to be aware of in the company’s organization and management. It is increased by organization adjustment in terms of social arrangement, recurrent personal changes, which give clarity for an individual who is transferred, expansion in terms of technological altering, which may need modification in the societal structure and growth in the industry, which may need restructuring (Mathieu & Farr 75). Job clarity helps the employee in a given organization to fully get involved in their jobs in the following ways.
To start with, Job involvement is increased through the provision of a clear corporate introduction to workers. Workers are likely to submit to their places of work when a manager ensures that they are aware of their duties, within their immediate workmates, area of the program and larger organization.

Another way in which job clarity relates to job involvement is through the management’s help to workers to build up personal work plans that...

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