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What My Education Means To Me

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What my education means to me

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X. ( Education, to me, was a passport that I had almost missed. Education was a plane that was ready to take off and leave me behind. This is my story of how much my education means to me.
It all goes back to elementary school. For me, as an elementary student, bullying had taken its toll already. From the first grade majority of my friends had found cooler girls to be around. I loved to read and draw; therefore I kept to myself most of the time, so being alone didn’t bother me too much. I was the quiet girl; the wall flower.
As 4th grade came around, I only had a select set of few friends. These friends are the same friends that stuck by me all throughout first grade up until now. With being socially deprived and craving friendship, I grew lonely. Just to get my mind off of feeling avoided, a quarter of the way into my 4th grade year, I took up learning an instrument. I spent all my 4th grade year digging into music, playing the clarinet and learning the ins and outs of the wood winds.
The following Christmas half way through my fifth grade year, I received my first string instrument. Immediately I dropped the clarinet and fell in love with that cheap, 45 dollar, first act guitar. Everywhere I went, it followed. I was 11 at the time and that 45 dollar guitar made me feel like the hotshot of the town. Music made me happy.
When the end of my 5th grade year had hit; A land mark of the most traumatizing event of my life was about to take place. My mom had left my father and took us along with her. Over the summer and a few additional months, my mother had taken both me, my little sister and older brothers to live with her in a women’s shelter. They called it the YWCA. As a little kid and unaware of the situation I asked if we were going to the YMCA. Understandably, as adults, they didn’t want to upset me. I was told that it was sort of like it. After my parents had gotten back together and we left YWCA, I returned to my elementary school for the first month of 6th grade. My grades fell dramatically from that point on.
I spent the next couple of years not applying myself. I would listen and learn everything but I never invested energy to do the work. I believe that my unwillingness...

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