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What Happened? A Story About A Social Issue Which Is Acoholism Which Leads To Many Other Disaters And A Ruined Life.

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The unshaven homeless man unscrewed the top off his bottle of whisky which was nearly empty and drank greedily. He pushed his thick brown hair to the side, giving the passing woman a glare making her walk faster away from him. He took another gulp and returned the bottle to the pocket of his torn leather coat which he had on.To the people around who saw Bob Russel he was a bum, a piece of trash in society, but what they didn't know was Bob was a normal person just like them. Just six short months ago he was a successful journalist for the Sunday Times with a high paying salary, a large house, two luxury cars and a loving wife and a child. That seemed like a long time ago and Bob dreamt of having it again.He couldn't stop thinking about that night when he and his family were on the road traveling back from a family gathering, when out of no where it came out of no where. The semi trailer had veered across the other side of the road and destroyed his life. He survived but to him he didn't take it as granted, as he blamed himself for the death of his wife and daughter. If only he had taken more time fitting the roof rack; if only he had put in a litre more of petrol, he would have missed it, if only.Bob looked liked he was like twenty five years old. The effects of sleepless nights and alcohol abuse being responsible for the heavy blue black bags beneath his blood red eyes. This once young and happy face had been changed by a semi trailer, which had gate-crashed his once normal life. Bob was now unemployed, his once luxurious house had been repossessed and his cars sold to satisfy his growing alcohol addiction.~~~~As Bob woke up blurred sign of Dongarra could be seen as the train slowed down at the train station. He put his hand in his pocket to check if the letter was still there, it was. Then he wondered if he was doing the right thing. Why? He asked himself, why after all these years?He swallowed the remainder of his whisky and placed the bottle back into his jacket. The cold breeze blew against his face, his aching tooth caused by a cavity seemed to be getting worst. He now had an excuse to drink, which was to numb the pain. He walked along a long gravel path leading through the beautiful gardens to a large white house.Bob checked the address on the letter for the third time, surprised how well she had done for herself. He started to walk slowly towards the house, he was trembling with fear when he reached the front door. He looked up and saw the curtains move, his first thought was to turn around and walk. He didn't want to do this anymore, but his curiosity compelled him to ring the doorbell. The intercom clicked and an old voice ordered him to step inside.The first impression of the house was the expensive decor with crystal chandeliers and the posh paintings on the walls of the staircase, he didn't believe that his mother had somehow accumulated a great amount of money. He looked up at the winding staircase and he started cursing beneath his...

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