What Parents Need To Know About Asthma

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According to Barnett and Nurmagambetov, from the time period of 2002-2007, 886 children under the age of 15 died due to asthma. Using the 2009 figure for value of an average life of any of those children, the grand total for loss of life in the world for just those 5 years is almost 1.2 billion dollars. (145-152) Child-onset asthma may not be the greatest killer of children to plaque this planet but it is a real and terrifying experience for both children and their parents. Mothers and fathers can fight against this illness but they need to know how to deal with asthma and what to do when an attack happens can help prevent these deaths from happening.
Francis states, “between 1982 and 1992, the asthma rate increased by 42%” and later speculates that the increase may be attributed to what could be called urbanization. With an expanding population, more and more asthmatics are being created because of air pollution. Asthma is a breathing disorder that manifest in different ways such as shortness of breath, having a wheezing sound happen as they breathe in and out, and/or a nagging cough due to the lungs trying to unblock the airway. Occurring when a bronchial tube or airway becomes irritated or swollen by stimuli such as allergens or a person’s own immune system. As a recurring disease that affects almost 5 million children in the world it is considered to be the leading chronic illness in children. Understanding what can cause these irritations and how to treat them will allow children to live as close to normal lives as possible. (60-62)
Hockenberry and Wilson explain that there are many ways that can play a factor in who has asthma and who doesn’t. Some of the major causes are: heredity, parents who have asthma may pass it on to their children; ethnicities, African-Americans have a higher rate of asthma than other ethnicities; and atopy, close to heredity but it’s “the genetic predisposition for the development of an IgE-mediated response to common allergens.” While these factors are important it’s also important for a parent to be vigilant in watching for signs of asthma especially with the young due to “80% to 90% of children have their first symptoms before 4 or 5 years of age.” Children have two main forms of asthma that occur; the first is recurrent wheezing where the child may have issues with virus’ attacking the respiratory system which causes wheezing because of the body trying to rid itself of said virus; and the second is allergy asthma that most likely last through their lifetime as asthma has no cure. Asthma also has four different categories: intermittent, symptoms that bother people less than twice a week; mildly persistent, symptoms happen more than twice a week but less than once a day with sporadic issues at night; moderate persistent, daily attacks but nighttime emerge more than once a week but not every night; severe persistent, it’s a daily and nightly thing to need an inhaler or nebulizer to breathe properly.(1264)...

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