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What People Find The Devil In

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I chose the Universal truth “the Devil, in human imagination,is manifested into many forms.”. The reason that I chose that universal truth is because I have actually heard people say things similar to my universal truth. There are also an extraordinary amount of examples of how the devil is still manifested today. Some examples that I am going to be using are black cats, and certain types of music. Superstitions play a large roll with how the devil is still manifested.

Superstitions are something that people find the devil in. People believe in their superstitions like it is a way of life. People will avoid and freak out over little things that really are not that big of a deal. People would have fits over black cats, records, #13, Friday the 13th, and the wigi board. Older people tend to have a harder time dealing with these superstitions. The reason that many people believe these superstitions are because they have been told these things by their parents. Superstitions are something that is basically passed down from generation to generation.

Many people are terrified of these superstitions, simple things that are not that big of a deal. People play these things off to be a bigger deal than they really have to be. Grandparents tend to have a harder time dealing with these superstitions. They have been raised to believe these superstitions completely. They will not even take a second look or chance at any of these things. They will not even take a chance at a curse or bad luck.

People believe that certain things have the devil in them. Black cats are one thing that people are very frightened about. There are superstitions about black cats. People believe that if a black cat runs in front of you that you will have bad luck. There is nothing that says for certain that you will have bad luck. I personally have never received any bad vibes or bad luck from a black cat. It is mainly just an old wives tail because people didn't like black cats.

The number 13 for some people is like death row. Many people believe that very bad things will happen if they are on the 13th floor, in the 13th room, or even on Friday the 13th. Some older buildings do not have a 13th floor because of all the superstitions that have risen about the number 13. They would just skip doth over 13 and go straight to 14. Also older hospitals do the similar thing with their room numbers they would just ignore 13 and go to the next number. They do this so that older people do not freak out or resist...

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