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What People Like About Films And How They Keep The Audience's Attention

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What People Like about Films and How they Keep the Audience's Attention

What is it that you like about films? There’s no right answer to this
question of course. Many viewers have different opinions on what
catches their attention- it could be the comedy in a movie or the
horror that keeps them interested. The genre is what the film is
related to for example: the film ‘Final Destination’ is related to
thriller whereas ‘Cats and Dogs’ is related to comedy. The genre is
aimed at certain groups such as audience who like adventure, action or
romance in a film. Young children, generally observe animation
movies, like ‘Sherk’ and ‘Antz’. These films consist of imaginative
beings that only appeal to children but not adults. Most films
include a hero, but to make the film complete you also need a
villain. The relationship between these two characters is what makes
the film more engaging and attractive. In all films to give a clear
connotation to the target audience, messages are not just delivered by
the acting of the actors- it also involves various presentational
devices. These devices are able to convey to the target audience the
filmmakers point as well as communicate the right impression of
particular characters. One example of a presentational device is
costume-a evil character might wear an evil-looking mask, a long black
cloak and a black hat, all of which indicate that this character is
evil. However, a villainous character doesn’t always have to wear
dark costumes, so there are more presentational devices to imply that
the character is evil; e.g. the setting, the music, body language,
character interaction, props, lighting and tone of voice.

One unique film containing the best examples of these devices is the
very popular animated comedy— ‘Chicken Run’. The genre of this film
is comedy/adventure; it is aimed at children, which are the target
audience, this is because the children have what we call ‘suspension
of belief’ — this means they have an expandable mind allowing them to
believe as well as enjoy the film whereas, the adults will
continuously interrupt the film and continuously ask pointless
questions. Adults know that chickens can’t have a human like
character for example; the chickens can’t talk, so they won’t be able
to appreciate the film. Focusing on the characters of Mrs Tweedie and
Ginger I will discover how the filmmakers have used various
presentational devices to portray the good and evil in both the
characters as well as how the filmmaker produces the effect of good
and evil through film language (the camera movement).

The first sight of Ginger is shown while she is hiding behind the
cabin. The fence is the obstruction between her and the out side
world. It symbolises the boundary that Ginger is forbidden to cross —
she can’t have a life...

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