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What Allowed Hitler To Gain Support Up To The Munich Putsch

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Hitler could not have risen to power in Germany without the support of the people. The main reasons for Hitler's rise to power 1923 were the social, economic, and political problems of Weimar Germany. These problems were instrumental in his control over the people.One reason Hitler was able to rise to power was that he had a great deal of influence over the German people, because he sympathized with their problems. Hitler promised the German people many things, and they believed he would keep his word and fulfill what he had said. One of the main things he promised to do would be to ignore the Treaty of Versailles, and even threatened to tear it up.The terms of the Treaty [of Versailles] were humiliating to most Germans, and condemnation of its terms undermined the government and served as a rallying cry for those who like Hitler believed Germany was ultimately destined for greatness.Hitler offered the German people what they thought was a way for them to regain their pride, and to form a 'pure German state.' The German people hated the provisional government of the Weimar Republic, partly because it couldn't get anything done due to the large amount of conflict within itself, but mainly because the government was created by and supported the Treaty of Versailles. The Germans were forced to sign this treaty, and believe the signers are criminals, and anything caused by the Treaty of Versailles is a work of criminals. Hitler wanted to do away with the Treaty, and the German people supported him for this.Nazis promised prosperity and employment, and gave people someone to blame for their problems - politicians, communists, Jews.The German people needed something to blame for their misfortune, and Hitler offered them this. Hitler began using the Jews as a sort of scapegoat, in that when nearly anything went wrong, Hitler blamed the Jews. He also blamed communists and politicians for the current state of affairs in the once-powerful nation of Germany. The people blamed these people too, because it took the blame off the real source trouble, the military and the Kaiser. The right wing wanted both of these reinstated, and since it coincided with what the people wanted, so did they.Another major reason Hitler rose to power was because he promised to help make Germany an economically wealthy country again. In 1923, the currency used by the Germans, the mark, was virtually worthless.The German mark fell to 18,000 to the dollar. By July, 1923, it sank to 160,000. By August, 1,000,000. And by November, 1923, it took 4,000,000,000 marks to buy a dollar.The German mark was utterly worthless, taking over a billion marks to buy a loaf of bread. Germans wanted to be able to earn their own living and Hitler said he could let them do this again. The Germans rallied behind him, not only because they supported him, but because they needed food. Another reason they supported Hitler was...

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