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What Pop Culture Taught Me Essay

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I’ve wrote this essay three times already. I can’t think of what to write about. The topic was “You’re favorite Television show/book.” The thing is, I don’t really have a favorite anything. I can’t just pick one, because there are so many great Television Shows and books. There are five shows that I wouldn’t mind writing about. These are The X-Files, Doctor Who, The Wild Thornberry’s, Destination Truth, and The Game. I don’t want to write about just one, because I like them all. It’s the same way with books. My favorite Television show/book really depends on many factors. How I’m feeling, what the weathers like outside, who I’m with, and many more things. I’m going to write about what each of the shows I have listed above, have taught me in real life.
The X-Files taught me to be open minded about everything. It shows us that if you just take a glimpse at someone’s situation and assume something, that you’re probably not correct. You don’t know anyone’s situation fully. You should never judge someone based on what you see. The X-Files also taught me that not everything in life is meant to be understood. There’s a billion things in this world that we don’t understand, and I know we as people aren’t meant to understand every single one of those things. The X-Files also taught me that you should never put your trust in everyone so easily. People will screw you over, every single chance they get. You just have put your trust in people who put their trust in you.
I started watching Doctor Who when I was in high school. The main things that Doctor Who taught me were that you never turn your back on a friend, you put compassion in everything you do, and you forgive easily. You never treat your friends badly. If someone’s putting in their own time and energy to be around you and to learn who you are, you shouldn’t abuse that. Being friends with someone and treating them right will get you far in life. You can be at your lowest point in life and if you have a good friend who you’ve treated right, they will be there for you no matter what. Doctor Who taught me to have compassion for everything. I know firsthand that there are organizations that someone has put their own money in that they’ve worked for in, to help with any bad thing you’re doing/going through. I’ve dealt with Poverty my whole life, and there are so many non-profit organizations that have helped my family and I through rough times. I could never...

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