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What Exactly Do Child, Family And School Social Workers Do?

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The Career I decided to do my research on is a Child, Family, and School Social workers. I choose this career because it is of interest to me. I really enjoy a job where I can work with and help those who are in need. Earlier in the school year I took a career test in the school’s career center and this is a job that showed up and is part of the reason I am taking the time to look at what is required of the job.
What does a social worker do? A social worker has many duties. They need to assess the situations of those family’s or individuals they will be working with. Once they have assessed what they are working with they will be helping to council those in need. If they are working with children they will consult the parents and or legal guardians with what they have learned. They need to be excellent active listeners. It is also essential to be able to understand others reactions and why someone would react the way they do. You will have to be able to have great communications skills; weather that is though face-to-face, over the phone, or through email. You need to be able to be professional and polite. Social workers are more of a sedentary Job. You won’t be doing very much physical work, but you will be using your mind. You will be thinking and helping to make a difference in the lives of those your touch.
According to an Unknown author (Sept 17, 2013) “Social workers provide services to help people cope with and overcome challenges in their every life.” Some other careers that seem interesting and are related to social work are a counsellor and a youth worker. A counsellor is someone that helps people to discover their emotions and their feelings. They often do this by looking over past experiences. This is similar to a social worker because they both help others to cope with everyday challenges. Youth workers help those usually between the age of thirteen and nineteen. They help the young adults to develop socially, educationally and personally. This is similar to a social worker because they are helping to improve the lives of those around them.
As stated in the article Child, Family, and School Social Workers “The average national Employment wage is 20.25 hourly.” They also make a median of “42,120 annually.” This job is one that is growing faster than average. The article states that it is growing at a rate of 15% to 21%. They are “projecting 103,600 jobs to be opening between 2012 and 2022.” Like most jobs as a social worker you will work an average of 40 hours a week, but because of the nature of the job you may endure emergencies which will cause you to work some evenings and weekends.
Become a social work can bless you with many benefits. You are going to be working in a job that is going to bless you with the knowledge that you have helped someone along in their life style. Although this is a difficult job you will receive job satisfaction as well as knowing that you’re doing a job that is providing people with...

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