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What Promoted The Industrial Revolution. Essay

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Politics are systems which promoted the Industrial Revolution. Colonists in
America were angered about being taxed without representation in Britain and
other injustices. The American Revolution took place between 1775 and 1791. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were signed protecting the colonists' freedoms. Later, during the Industrial Revolution, workers wanted their freedoms protected. British Parliament passed the Factory Act of 1819 and of 1833. In 1847, the Ten Hours Act was passed. Strikes took place over unjust wages or unsatisfactory working conditions. In 1824, unions could legally form to fight for better wages, hours, and working conditions. The politics of the American Revolution led the colonists to fight Britain for just taxation. The Constitution and Bill of Rights established freedoms for citizens. Later, the workers fought for their freedoms by having laws passed and forming unions, leading to the Industrial Revolution.
Education is a system that promoted the Industrial Revolution. During
the Renaissance, humanists began to teach that a critical approach to learning
was necessary. The humanists believed an education was necessary for a person to contribute in society. Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450 to produce books quicker which helped the humanists spread their ideas. The Scientific Revolution sought to unlock the mysteries of nature. The scientific method emerged, requiring scientists to make calculations and to perform experiments with duplicable results. Later, during the
Industrial Revolution, theorists began to examine society. Smith wrote about the
law of supply and demand, the inventions that could meet the consumers demands,
like Hargreaves spinning jenny, and competition. Malthus wrote about the problem of increasing population. In 1817, Ricardo wrote about working-class poverty. Mill wrote about government protecting the freedoms of the working class. Education during
the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution led to...

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