What Purpose Did The Pyramids Serve?

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What is a pyramid used for? This is the question many people want to know. In this article I will answer this question and a few more related questions like: What is a pyramid, What is inside and why, and How does the structure compare to the structure of modern day buildings? These questions will all help solve the original question.
What is a pyramid? How many are there?Where are they located?

A pyramid is an Egyptian structure and are as old as 40,000 years old. A pyramids base can either be triangular or square this affects how many sides the pyramid has. These structures were usually made out of huge limestone blocks. The Egyptian pyramids were built using ramps which spiraled around the pyramid. The average limestone block weighed around 2.5 tons.( The great pyramids and more, 2013)
The pyramids can be found in Mexico and Egypt.. The pyramids of Giza can be found in Cairo, Egypt. The most familiar and popular pyramids are located in Egypt. Besides the Egyptians the Aztecs also made pyramids which were located outside of their capital city of Tenochtitlan. The Mayans also made pyramids with 91 steps on each side. Historians believe that this represented all 354 days of the year.( The great pyramids and more, 2013)
In Egypt there are over 100 pyramids. Many of these are unsafe to enter and are not open for public entry. The Pyramids Of Giza are the most popular Egyptian pyramids that are open to the public. There are a few original pyramids in Mexico. Their pyramid like structures but only a few are original. Egypt has the most pyramids because they originated there.(The original 7 wonders of the world, 2013)
What is inside a pyramid and why?

In ancient Egypt the pyramids were used as tombs for pharaohs and their wives. A regular pyramid would consist of two chambers one for the pharaoh and one for his wife. There was usually air vents coming from each chamber going outside. In pyramids that you can tour they have inserted staircases. The walls of each chamber usually have hieroglyphics of important events of the persons life. The person is usually mummified. (Pyramid,...

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