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What Purpose Does The Gallbladder Have?

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Most people who know me know that I had my gallbladder removed, but many don’t know why. Many people in my family have also had theirs removed also. The gallbladder is an organ located under the liver which, may or may not be removed if you suffer from a gallbladder disease.
You may be wondering what exactly the gallbladder is. The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ about three or four inches in length and one inch wide. It is located under the liver and is connected by the hepatic duct. (Mama’s Health) My doctor told me an easy way of expanding what the gallbladder does, it is a storage system for the liver and helps digest fats. He also told me it was like your appendix but on the right side, you have it but if it gets infected it will burst. You can live without this organ.
Like many medical problems, there are people who are at a higher risk of developing gallbladder problems. People with already existing medical problems that cause the liver to make an abnormal amount of bilirubin, a substance that is form by the breakdown of hemoglobin in the blood are at a higher risk. People who have gallbladder diseases running in their family are also at a higher risk, like in my family. Other people are women, people who are over the age of forty, ethnic groups, someone who is pregnant, transplant patients, diabetics, and many more are at a higher risk. (MedlinePlus)
One problem that you might have is gallstones. The most common type of gallstones is a cholesterol stone, which has nothing to do with your cholesterol. One way a cholesterol stone forms is when there is an imbalance between bile salts, which helps cholesterol stay a suspended fluid, and cholesterol. That will turn into a mucus gel made up cholesterol and calcium bilirubinate, and if the imbalance worsens it could for cholesterol crystals, this is called supersaturation. This will eventually form a gallstones. A few of the other ways a cholesterol stone can form is when the liver secretes more cholesterol into the bile than usual, when the gallbladder can empty its normal way, the cells lining the gallbladder can’t absorb the cholesterol and fats from the bile, or a high level of bilirubin develops. (University of Maryland Medical Center)
Another type of gallstone is a pigment stone. If you have a pigment stone you either have a black or brown one, the way they form and what they are made of determine which one you have. A black pigment stone is more common and is made of either calcium bilirubinate or calcified bilriubin. If you hemolytic anemia or cirrhosis you are more likely to develop this pigment stone. A brown pigment stone is made up of a higher amount of cholesterol and calcium. They are more commonly found in the Asian population. Infection is one of the ways they form. (University of Maryland Medical Center)
Another common gallbladder problem that can develop is inflammation. This is a result of a reduced blood supply or a gallbladder...

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