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What Role Did Printed Propaganda Play In The Outbreak And Continuation Of Conflict During The Wars Of The Three Kingdoms? Discuss With Reference T...

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This assignment will focus on printed propaganda and the role, impact and consequence it had during the outbreak and continuation of the conflict of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Two primary sources will be analysed and discussed. The first source chosen is print from The Teares of Ireland 1642 Figure 10.8 and the second is document 3.14 from the Anthology. Primary and secondary sources will be used to provide evidence and context on the impact on religion, government and monarchy in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Before analysing the first source it is worth remembering that in 1640 the censorship of the press lapsed allowing multiple forms of media to be printed without a censor (Laurence & Gibbons, 2011, p.68). Propaganda generated as a result of the lack of censorship set about a chain of events that alienated and influenced people in several ways. The lapse allowed multiple published pieces of propagandist material to be found in the Three Kingdoms.

It is also worth remembering what propaganda means ‘Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view’ (Oxford English Dictionary, 2014),
The first source Figure 10.8 is a print from The Teares of Ireland in 1642 which is split into two illustrated sections. The upper section of the print depicts the desecration of a women and her unborn baby which is subsequently shown to be sacrificed in the fire. The lower section shows Catholics driving the Protestants into the mountains. The phrase “now are ye wilde Irisch as well as wee.” from Figure 10.8 lends to the idea that Protestants viewed Irish Catholics as wild, savage and unruly. Catholics would have viewed this as Protestants creating lies and deceit to turn people against them. Figure 10.8 was specifically produced and published due to the uprising of Ulster Catholics in October 1641 (Laurence & Gibbons, 2011, p.57). The print was used to convince Protestants that the Catholics in Ireland needed subduing, this at a time when the monarchy and parliament were divided.

During the uprising in Ireland parliament passed and Charles I signed in April 1642 the ‘Act for Reducing Ireland’ (Laurence & Gibbons, 2011, p.59). The passing of this act shows that England had identified that the rebellion in Ireland was an issue. Splits between parliament and Charles I at this time began to grow. This led parliament to order Philip Lord Wharton and his troops to remain in England to serve in the uprising against the king (Laurence & Gibbons, 2011, p.59). The implication of parliament’s action was to create a divide within counties in England who would side with the king or parliament (Plate 11.1 & 11.2). The role and impact this print of propaganda had propositioned the idea that Irish Catholics were distrustful, evil and savage. The Ulster uprising caused greater divides than before between Catholics and Protestants; the deaths caused as a result of the uprising are still held in “the...

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