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What Role Did Thatcherism Play In Reshaping The Economic Structure Of England?

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Margaret Thatcher is a household name in England for many reasons. The chief reason is because she became the first woman to be elected as Prime Minister of England. She was elected as Prime Minister in 1979-1990.. Until that time, although England was led by queens, the prime minister position in England was only held by men. Margaret changed all of that and won by a landslide. In this essay we will discuss 1) brief history of the life of Margaret Thatcher and 2)the concept called Thatcherism named after her 3) and the role that Thatcherism played in reshaping the economic structure of England.

Born October 13, 1925 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Margaret Hilda Roberts, was the daughter ...view middle of the document...

Thatcher always emphasized the importance of the Victorian Family Values and based much of what she did on the people bettering themselves but more independently. What are the Victorian Family Values? The Victorian Family Values developed during the Queen Victoria period. It was largely focused on the family and expressed the importance of sound structure in the household. Not every family was able to live up to the standard but many strove for it. It became a part of their culture. Family was the basis for everything. It affected the workplaces. Though most of the results showed in the higher income or well off families as parents and children could afford to spend more quality time together. It was demonstrated by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their nine children. The people fell in love with the concept as the family being held as most important for success and happiness.

However, each class was different as far as what circumstances they had to deal with. For example, the middle class didn’t have all of the social restrictions that the upper class did which allowed the middle class women to focus more on their children. What the upper and middle class women had in common was the fact that they didn’t have to worry about making money which allowed both classes to focus on their children with whatever commodities they had based on their class. The Working class didn’t quite have the same luxury of money and time. But still worked hard to try and achieve similar results.
All three classes generally used Sunday as their family day and would have a family meal. Sunday was also a day for tea, family walks, visits, and rest for the father if he needed it. Of course it also depended on the class the family happened to be in. But overall every class had its main focus on the family and bettering themselves which brings us back to the basis of Margaret Thatcher’s ideals. Margaret had strong beliefs about family values and used it as her basis for people improving as well as the economy. Her beliefs were roots in the Victorian Family Values up Margaret was also close friends with Ronald Reagan, actor and 40th president of the US, they shared very similar political views on how a nation should be run. They met each other in April of 1975. Some say that they could even complete each other’s thoughts.

At a time when Reagan pushed Paul A. Volcker, the Federal Reserve chairman to deliberately cause a recession with the desires and hopes of eliminating hyperinflation, Thatcher, who had already gone through this, encouraged Reagan to ignore the alarmist and their warnings. There were many times where Reagan and Thatcher would back one another up. You could say they were a dynamic duo with the occasional relationship of good cop, bad cop but many would see...

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