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‘What Role Does Film, Music & Interactive Media Such As Computer Games Play In Influencing Or Motivating An Individual To Act Out In Violence?

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Since the development and broadcast of violence in television or more, namely film there has been studies conducted as to try, reveal how much of the portrayed negative connotations affect the violent acts of members of the public. Similarly and more so with the Seventies, Eighties and Nighties era music has been portrayed as ‘demonic‘ the way it is noted in the media. However, it is suggested by those that listened to Heavy Metal that became a rebellious act against parents and a revolution during the period of 1969 and 1974, that this is not the case.

Gaming on any platform for example PC, Xbox and PlayStation has now also become an increasing concern. This can be seen through a study conducted by, which indicated that the average starting age of gamers was around 9.1 years of age. Most gamers said the following: “that they spend an average of 9.2 hours a week playing video games.” Could this be an indication of why such violence is happening all over the globe? Also can the public no longer separate fact from fiction?

With reference to the film, City of God and the main character of Li'l Dice who later becomes known as Li'l Zé. It is neither film, nor interactive media, that influences or motivates his actions because interactive media was not affordable with their economic status at the time of being "hoodlums". What does influence him is in fact the situation he grows up in, which by extension becomes his lifestyle. With this lifestyle, however it is evident that there is an influence of Gangster Rap music, which is one of the most condemned forms of Hip Hop music. This is seen in various scenes throughout the film whereby their listening to music as a group in the City of God; which is a lower class quarter west of Rio de Janeiro.

Similarly, with the South African film Dollars and White Pipes here again influence could be seen in the Gangster Rap music as well as their economic disadvantage.

Despicable Me, while it is an animation it has an underlying message in that it wasn’t film, music or even interactive media but rather a mothers neglect to validate her sons genius that causes the promotion of rebellion and violence. This is evident in Gru’s attempt as a young boy to receive his mother’s attention through his attempt to build a rocket. Even after doing so, he is brushed off with the same remark he is always given by his mother: “Heh”. This prompts young Gru to want to become the world’s greatest villain in an attempt to have the world validate his genius and possibly his existence, which he lacked from his mother. After stealing the moon he realizes he is no good at being a villain and that his many Minions have validated his existence all along. The Minions in turn were subconsciously created to replace the love and give him the validation he had not had as a child.

Furthermore the film Megamind while also an animation much like the film Despicable Me is also a film about validation and a need to fit in. It resonates...

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