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Roles Managers' Play In Helping Their Employees To Use A Problem Focused Strategy To Cope With Excessive Job Stress

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Most of people in this world is a leader, only the matter how big the institutions we lead and how we lead other people to success for example we may be a managers, coaches, or even world leaders. A leader has many categories of definition but from the source of “Principles of Management notes”, a leader is someone who can influence others to achieve goals and someone who has managerial authority. While from the “Business Dictionary blog”, leader bring the meaning of a person that holds a main or superior position within its field, and is able to put into effect a high level of control over others. Besides that, a leader also is a person who has a vision and a commitment to achieve that vision together with the skills to make it happen. It expresses the leader’s ambitions for the organization and also for itself. Referring to website, a leader is a person who has a vision, a guts and a commitment to achieve the vision, and the skills to make it a reality. For example an employee able to follow orders from the employers which believe has the credibility as a leader, similar to people who obey to their president. Leadership is a common process of motivating individuals and gather up resources in pursuit of goals shared by members of a group, organization or even community.
A leader has a vision and sees a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal that needs to be achieved. It may be something that no one else sees or simply something that no one else wants to deal with it. Whatever it is, it is the focus of the leader's attention and they attack it with a single-minded determination. A short well-known proverb from Professor Warren G. Bennis had mentioned about leader which is, leaders are people who do the right thing, managers are people who do things right. From the proverb, we can identified that a leader is a person who will do something that is right without have any fear for it. A leader surely will follow his or her instinct and guts to always do the right thing not just for themselves but also for the people they been led.

One of the main reasons why people refuse to become a leader especially the youth is responsibility and trustworthiness that need to be hold. Responsible means that the leader need to take in charge for his or her action taken and also other people error, which also signifying that they need to be reliable for people that work for them such as subordinate. When people work together as a team in order to fulfil a vision, it becomes the leader responsibility to make sure that everything goes according to plan without having any problem. Since the subordinate only follow the instructions given, hence it was the leader responsibility to ensure the entire plan is well organized. Punctual is one of the responsibilities in leader characteristics as for example, a leader needs to balances getting the job done and at the same time keeping the team together. This is to ensure that the work is well prepared and...

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