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What Runners Should Do To Avoid Foot Injuries

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We see a lot of running these days. Running in a race, running for charity, or running to get fit and healthy. We see more and more people nowadays getting into running and many more are still lulling over and thinking about joining the group. But people shouldn’t think that running is merely putting on shoes and sprinting to their choice destination. There are several things you must do or else you risk getting hurt. A foot injury is one thing that can happen if you don’t make the necessary preparations and precautions. To completely avoid it, these are what every runner should do:
1. Wear the right shoes.
When you’re going for a run, just any shoes won’t do. You need to wear shoes that are specially made for the activity. There are in fact two types of running shoes that you can choose from: road and trail running shoes. If you are going to be treading on pavement, road running shoes are what you need. These are lightweight and are specially made to stabilise the foot as it treads repetitively on hard surfaces. Trail running shoes on the other hand is for off-road paths. These are designed to provide underfoot protection which makes it ideal for tracks with rocks, mud, or roots.
2. Make sure your shoes fit.
In getting shoes, you need to make sure that you get a pair that is the perfect fit. Make sure that the shoes are not too tight especially in the toe box area to avoid developing foot injuries. If shoes are too tight you will risk having runner’s toe, otherwise known as black toenails, or even neuroma, a foot problem that causes toe cramps and pain in the ball of the foot. One tip to remember when buying shoes is to do it at the end of the day as this is the time when your feet have swelled up.
3. Replace shoes when needed.
Know when to say goodbye to your shoes. A sign you can look out for is when heals wear down or tread wears out. Some runners regularly replace...

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