What´S A Byronic Ero: The Corsai By Lord Byron

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Imagine that there is an intriguing man standing in the darkest corner of the room all alone, and while he seems to be quiet and depressed, all the women in the room are looking right at him. This is a perfect example of a Byronic hero. One common characteristic of many works in the Romantic Era is the presence of a Byronic hero. A Byronic hero is classified as a depressed and rebellious young man who is very attractive to women because of his dark and mysterious past. First created by Lord Byron, the concept of a Byronic hero has transformed the way in which some characters are described. Modern literature, with a Byronic hero as exemplified by Jay Gatsby and cinematography, with its ...view middle of the document...

Darcy in her novel Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy displays many of the similar characteristics as a Byronic hero because when we meet him, he appears to be a man of mystery with a questionable past in relation to Mr. Wickham, whom we later find out tried to elope with Darcy’s sister. Scandalous! Again, he was wealthy, attractive, and instantly popular with the women, classic Byronic traits; however, in the end, after the readers learn Darcy’s secrets, they develop a better understanding of his character.
The concept of a Byronic hero escalated in popularity and became commonplace in most literature and cinematography over the years. The popularity of the Byronic hero has spread to other countries’ cultures over time as well. For instance, after studying heroes appearing in Russian Literature, scholars uncovered many similarities between some famous Russian heroes and Byron’s heroes. An example of Russian hero who shows many common characteristics is Eugene Onegin. In Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin, the main character, Eugene, exemplifies the traits of a Byronic hero. It is known that this work was published twelve years after Byron’s creation of the hero, and is therefore believed that Byron influenced Pushkin greatly. Being a well-known literary figure, Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a perfect example of a modern hero. Since he possesses any of the crucial characteristics, Jay Gatsby is the epitome of a Byronic hero. As readers, we are uncertain of Mr. Gatsby’s questionable history and possibly surreptitious past and thereby feel the mysterious element of his...

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