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What´S A Genetically Modified Organism Essay

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A genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic material has been changed by working with genetic engineering methods. Organisms that have been genetically modified may be microorganisms like bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish and mammals. Because living organisms have real restrictions to protect themselves against the exposure of DNA from a un similar species, genetic engineers have to find new methods to cause the DNA from an organism into a different organism. One way of genetically modifying organisms is using viruses or bacteria to "infect" animal or plant cells with the different DNA. Another way of modifying is by putting DNA into very small metal pellets, and ...view middle of the document...

Farmers normally use many tons of chemical pesticides annually. Another advantage is disease resistance. There are many viruses, fungi and bacteria that can form plant diseases. Plant biologist are working to create plants with genetically-engineered resistance to these diseases. Growing GMO plants gives farmers the opportunity to save money while working with the food, use less herbicides and pesticides than needed and do less work while removing unwanted weeds which helps the soil stay fresh. Although there are many advantages while using GMO foods there are a few cons in progress. The bad parts of farming with GMO foods are, formation of weeds that have developed a protection from glyphosate, plants will from their own bacterial toxin known as insecticide which has led homes for bugs that are BT resistant and there are too many human taking in BT. Another serious problem with GMO foods is cross contamination, which is it spreading from some land to another. In GMO foods there are pesticides, which is not normal for us, and as of right now we the people don't know what will happen if these pesticides are consumed. We do know that there is a connection between pesticides and cancer and neurological diseases. Pesticides from GMO foods also can cause in young children. These foods can harm people with allergic reactions. A few GMO plants have been injected with antibiotics so they can be immune to some diseases and viruses. When humans eat these plants it makes other antibiotics...

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