What´S A Grey Water System? Essay

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In these modern times we are slowly decreasing our water supply, so that in later years there will be a water supply shortage. In the past centuries, mostly in the last few decades, humans have been using an abundance of water and therefore increasing the risk of water of shortages. Now, humans are using even more water and so we have had to discover ways to reduce our water usage. There are different solutions to this problem including just overall using less water, and using water conserving devices (shower heads, wash machines). Another way to conserve water is to install a greywater system. A greywater system allows the water that you have already used to be used again in ...view middle of the document...

When the water is being reused in the house the grey water would have to be filtered more thoroughly than if it just ran back outside.
There are three main types of water:
Manual bucketing: Manual bucketing is physical taking a bucket and getting water from a kitchen or bathroom appliance (other than the toilet) and using it to water the lawn or garden.
Diversion and filtration devices: Diversion and filtration devices are used to divert the grey water directly to the lawn or garden with the plumbing and/or hoses. This may use unfiltered water.
Treatment and reuse systems: The treatment and reuse systems run the greywater through a treatment system and then is reused to flush toilets, wash clothes or above ground irrigation.

Grey water systems don’t have an exact cost. The cost of the system depends on many things including the complexity of the system, yard size and the type of the system. A greywater system can cost anywhere between $700-$10 000 or more. When using the diversion and filtration devices to water the gardens or lawn the larger the yard the larger the system will get which makes the system more complex. When using a treatment and reuse system the size of the yard doesn’t really matter because the system reuses the water in the house. However the treatment and reuse system tends to be more complex than the diversions and filtration devices because the treatment and reuse systems have to be filtrated and the other systems don’t. This causes the treatment and reuse systems to be more expensive than the others. The treatment and reuse systems are more complex because the water has to...

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