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What´S A Literature Review?

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A literature review is a study written by someone on a specific topic by researching relevant literature available and interpreting it (Aveyard, 2010). A research question is developed and by using relevant literature the question is analysed in detail (Aveyard, 2010). The literature review is important because it gives you a shorter version of all relevant literature on the topic chosen, this is so the reader does not have to access the number of literatures used (Aveyard, 2010).

The writer will conduct a literature review on the following hypotheses: Urban Art is reducing illegal graffiti at Albion station, this is followed by the research question: Is urban art at Albion ...view middle of the document...

Drug cartels use graffiti to help get their message across, they use walls, banners or sheets they do this in areas where it is more likely to be seen to help get there message across (Salopek, 2011). Drug lords use this to impersonate political parties and their campaign (Salopek, 2011). This form of graffiti and how it is used is different compared to the Egyptian times, the Egyptians graffiti consisted of markings or drawings on rocks and walls, an example is seen on temple walls where Egyptians and travellers have made their marks, this wall is as long as the Nile (Gopnik (2011).

History of graffiti is seen all over the world in Australia graffiti go back to 1905 where Aboriginal carvings in caves and stone where found these carvings helped to tell the story of the people who had lived in that area (Winchester, Davidson, & O’Brien, 1996). The first signs of graffiti in New York were people from a low privileged background trying to voice the boundaries between race and class (Gopnik (2011). In Libya graffiti was used to express freedom, it was used to voice forbidden thoughts in public but today graffiti is less about politics and religion and more about personal style and art (Gopnik (2011).

Today makers, pens, paint and the most popular material, spray paint, are used to do graffiti. It is more about looking good and artistic self-expression, it can include drawings and words that some people may call art and some may call it vandalism (Gopnik (2011). Defining this will be addressed later on in the literature review.

Types of graffiti
To help understand what graffiti is exactly it is important to understand the different types of graffiti, the types of graffiti also relate to graffiti-related activity; tagger graffiti is done to get peer recognition and status it is often seen in high visibility areas and often involves slogans or numbers (Morgan & Louis, 2009). Gang related graffiti is more territorial it usually involves a symbol or stylised lettering in order to claim that a gang owns that neighbourhood (Morgan & Louis, 2009). Political and religious graffiti involves a view of a particular person this is expressed by a message or comment followed by strong images.

In this literature review and the research that is yet to be conducted the main type of graffiti that will be refered to is urban art, urban art indicates the legal form of graffiti and is done with consent, it is done by a skilled individual and may also be classified as art (Morgan & Louis, 2009). By avoiding the term graffiti and calling this type of graffiti urban art helps to clarify the difference between graffiti art and vandalism (Morgan & Louis, 2009). Urban art may be classified as creative and may improve a certain space while other types of graffiti such as tagging doesn’t have much purpose therefore removing that type of graffiti and punishing the person under the act is appropriate, but there still seems to be a blurred line between what is accepted...

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