An Essential Part Of The Communication Process

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The art of teaching is communication. It is the basis of the student-teacher relationship. Teachers present information, ideas, concepts, facts to their students in a hopes of providing intellectual stimulation and knowledge growth. An essential part of the communication process is the “question.” Questions must be posed to ascertain, thus evaluate, a student’s learning. In addition, questions must be presented that allow for the student’s way of thinking (creative, factual, etc…) to be developed and challenged, allowing for continued evolution of their minds. Consequently, the communication is a proverbial two-way street when it comes to education. Students must pose questions to teachers. Without questions from students, a teacher will not have an understanding of the student, thusly, be unable to gauge what questions are appropriate and adapt to their needs. What is the Question?, by Lesley S.J. Farmer, discusses the importance of how questions are an essential part of the communication process and how it impacts students, teachers and the intellectual growth of the education structure.
Ms. Farmer in her article addresses how children (students) communicate through the question and answer process. Additionally, she explores the importance of contextualizing information in a way that is appropriate in language, tone, topic and various learning styles. For instance, the same question posed at two separate points in educational development, will yield very different answers. Prior to any question being asked, a teacher must first address the question of what outcome they are seeking from their students. For example, if a teacher is discussing the flight of a bird and asks a kindergarten class, “how does a bird fly?” The children will undoubtedly, flap their arms, gesturing a bird’s movement while in flight. In contrast, if a teacher is asking high school seniors, the answer would provide much more detailed information that was gathered through a variety of...

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