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What´S A Transistor Essay

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What is a transistor? A transistor is a semiconductor that can act as a faucet for electrical
current. The transistor can act as a switch maximizing the amount of current flowing through or
minimizing it. This device has been essential in the advancement of modern technology; by
replacing vacuum tubes and electromechanical switches that were unreliable, bulky, would
overheat, and used too much energy. A basic electronic device can contain thousands to millions
of transistors due to their small build. Transistors also lowered the cost of electronics because of
their structure—being composed of their inexpensive materials such as silicon made the device
consumer friendly.
What is a transistor? Transistors are tiny components that are found in integrated circuits.
A transistor is a tiny electrical component that has three terminals to which current can be
applied to. They are the emitter, the collector, and the base. Also, there are three
parts to the transistor, the gate, the drain, and the source. The transistor is also made out of a
semiconductor known as silicon. Silicon is an inexpensive material which makes it easier for the
mass-production of this component. The transistor is an ultra-thin component with a square-like
build with terminals at one end of it. The tiny structure of this component is best for
fitting hundreds to thousands of transistors in a single device as of opposed to the vacuum tube.
The vacuum tube is a component that came long before the transistor. The name of this
component can be misleading because it is not an actual vacuum tube. In reality, it is alike to a
light bulb in structure. The component contains a glass envelope, plate (anode), grid, and a
filament (cathode). In comparison to the transistor it is bulky in structure and less efficient
because it requires an enormous amount of energy to...

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