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What´S Academic Intergrity Policy? Essay

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Isaac Harris
AnP 2
April 16, 2014
Academic Integrity Policy

The idea of academic integrity is based on the commitment to foster a professional and ethical environment based on guiding principles that require a student to produce honest, hard work. It is essential to the success of a university's and institution’s education and research missions, and violations of such policies constitute serious offenses not only with the perpetrator, but also with the entire community.
The principles of academic integrity require that s student must properly acknowledge and cite any of the ideas, results or words of others that are not his/her original property, as well as all contributors to a given ...view middle of the document...

As such, anyone who is in violation or knows of a violation shall report such information as soon as possible to the appropriate authorities.
Under these principles the two violations that must be discussed are Plagiarism and Cheating. Both violations are common causes for dismissal from the University. Plagiarism is the use of a source without appropriate credit given to the author. This include the use of another person’s words, ideas or results without citing the source of the information taken. Every quotation or paraphrase of another rouse should receive appropriate and correct citation according to the writing style being used. Example of plagiarism are copying the exact words of an oral, printed or electronic source without citation, claiming it as your own. The same follows for paraphrasing, shortening the ideas or words of another person as if they were the student’s. Buying or downloading papers is also considered plagiarism if used to receive a grade in a course. Also, taking any forms of visual aids such as graphs, diagrams, or tables as well as computer programs and/or other nontextual material from another source without citation is also considered plagiarism.
Cheating on the other hand is using any unacceptable or forbidden materials, information, sources or aids to complete any academic task. This includes, but is not limited to submitting papers, research, reports and analysis that were prepared by someone else as if they were one’s own work is also considered cheating. More examples of cheating are copying another student’s work or answers on a quiz, exam or paper. Receiving assistance for research, programming, data collection or analysis from others or collaborating with another student when outside help is not permitted on the assignment is also considered cheating. Turning in the same work or large portions of the same work for multiple classes to satisfy requirements of the courses is also considered cheating. It is also considered cheating if a student uses or possesses books, notes, calculators, cell phones, or other prohibited materials during a quiz or examination. Also preprogramming a calculator or other device to contain answers or informational aid for use during a quiz or examination is also frowned upon. A student is also not to acquire a copy of an examination from an unauthorized source to gain an advantage over others prior to an exam. A student is also considered cheating if a substitute takes an exam for another student or if someone else prepares a paper or assignment for another student.
With these possible violations, there are different levels of violations and sanctions that follow. All violations of these policies are considered serious offenses and are subject to sanction or penalty. At Rutgers University a violation may be classified as a level one, two, three or four violation and are classified based on the nature of the violation. Each level of infractions has a corresponding set of sanctions...

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