What’s Behind An Ad? Essay

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Wherever you pass, whenever you go, near your office and with your best TV shows, some of them might catch your eyes or invite you to listen. Ads invaded our phones, screen and social life; and technology has facilitated this. Either to tempt you for something or to put you aware of something else, ads use special techniques that address to your mind, your beliefs or your feelings. In this report we will discuss some ads and discover the truth behind them!
By making ads, advertisers aim either to attract audience or to alert them from some risks. For the five ads presented, there are four encouraging people for purchasing a product. The 1st ad pushes the man to use this kind of shampoo “Clear”; as for the 3rd ad, the advertiser, Rania Abou Merhi, tries to convince drivers about the importance of the seatbelt. Moving to the 4th ad, we can notice the way it pushes fat people to purchase “Sharp” in order to lose weight. The 5th one is mainly related to public. The advertiser of “Formula” toothpaste is encouraging people to buy this kind in order to have strong teeth. However, the 2nd ad’s main purpose is to make smokers aware from the disadvantages resulting from smoking. In order to persuade the audience, advertisers appeal to One or more of ethos, pathos or logos. For instance, the 1st ad appeals to ethos since it cites someone who has absolute authority and has been used as a spokesperson: Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ads appeal to pathos. The 2nd ad lets the smokers realize and feel how they might be smashed just like a cockroach, the 3rd one lets the drivers recognize how bad the result of a high speed may be. Likewise, the 4th one pushes people to feel they have strong teeth. On the other hand, the 5th ad appeals to both pathos and logos. This ad might hurt fat people and let them feel embarrassed and unequal with other thin ones (pathos), and contain statements and facts related to the product “shape” as well (logos),” it contains...

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